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Opportunities for Non-US Citizens

This is a curated list of Fellowships that do not explicitly require US citizenship. Some may be open to US Permanent Residents as well, others are open to international students from selected countries, or all countries.  Please review the eligibility requirements of the individual programs.  Fellowships staff are happy to assist you in applying to any of these, or others of interest.

Additional opportunities for both US citizens and non-US citizens can be found at:

See Funding graduate study in the UK for additional resources.

Application Deadline
AIF Banyan Impact Fellowship (formerly AIF Clinton Fellowship for Service in India) (Tentative Deadline) February 15, 2023
American Scandinavian Society Fellowship November 1, 2022
Coro Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) January 10, 2023
DAAD German Academic Exchange Service (Tentative Deadline) October 11, 2022
Davis Projects for Peace (Tentative Deadline) January 17, 2023
Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) January 11, 2023
Emerson National Hunger Fellows (Tentative Deadline) January 13, 2023
Ertegun Scholarship (Program deadlines vary) January 6, 2023
Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) December 8, 2022
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) December 15, 2022
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship in African Languages (Tentative Deadline) April 30, 2023
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship in East Asian Languages (Tentative Deadline) February 6, 2023
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship in Middle Eastern Languages (Tentative Deadline) February 6, 2023
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship in South Asian Languages (Tentative Deadline) February 6, 2023
Gates Cambridge Scholarship October 12, 2022
Goldwater Scholarship November 15, 2022
Hertz Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) October 28, 2022
Humanity in Action Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) February 12, 2023
Huntington Public Service Award (Tentative Deadline) January 13, 2023
James C. Gaither Junior Fellows Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace November 29, 2022
Josephine de Karman Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) January 31, 2023
Knight-Hennessy Scholars October 12, 2022
Leland International Hunger Fellows (Tentative Deadline) January 10, 2023
Luce Scholars October 1, 2022
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program October 17, 2022
Pershing Square Graduate Scholarship (must apply to Master's program by December 2022 or January 2023 deadline) (Program deadlines vary) January 4, 2023
President's Engagement Prizes (Tentative Deadline) February 3, 2023
President's Innovation Prize (Tentative Deadline) February 3, 2023
Princeton in Africa Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) October 26, 2022
Princeton in Asia Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) October 31, 2022
Princeton in Latin America Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) November 10, 2022
Public Policy and International Affairs Junior Summer Institutes (Tentative Deadline) November 7, 2022
Queen Elizabeth Scholarship January 30, 2024
Rhodes Scholarship August 1, 2023
Schwarzman Scholarship September 20, 2022
Scoville Peace Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) January 20, 2023
Sobti Family Fellowship (Tentative Deadline) April 3, 2023
Soros Fellowship for New Americans for immigrants and children of immigrants October 27, 2022
The Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program (Tentative Deadline) December 1, 2022
Trudeau Scholarship (Tentative Deadline) December 20, 2022
Udall Scholarship (January 16 PRIORITY DEADLINE for Application Pre-Review) January 16, 2023
Urban Fellows Program (Tentative Deadline) January 13, 2023
Yenching Academy November 15, 2022

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