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Recent News

BFS Faculty and Students Welcome Alumni to Campus During Homecoming Weekend
November 15, 2018
BFS alumni returned to campus to celebrate Penn and chat with current BFS students and faculty over Federal Donuts and coffee during Alumni Homecoming weekend. Alumni from NYC, Philly, and D.C. stopped by to reconnect with the BFS program and learn about current program offerings and recent events.
Meet Adam Cohen (COL '16), Truman Scholar
November 14, 2018
Truman Scholar Adam Cohen walks us through his experience applying to and receiving the Truman Scholarship, what he learned, and why he'd put himself through that process again.
Danielle Bassett's BFS Masterclass Provides Maps of How Our Brains Learn
November 8, 2018
In the November BFS Masterclass, Dr. Bassett, a physicist and systems neuroscientist, MacArthur Fellowship winner, and TED Talk alum, shared her work on brain flexibility and the application of network science to the study of learning in the human brain.
Meet Anea Moore (COL '19), Truman Scholar
October 31, 2018
Anea sits down with us in the Fireside Lounge to discuss her ambitions of creating education reform in her home city of Philadelphia and what advice she has for other first-generation low-income students considering applying for prestigious fellowships.