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Funding Opportunities

There are many opportunities for Penn undergraduates to conduct research in any discipline—regardless of their previous experience.  Research positions can be:

  • Volunteer
  • Arranged through work-study
  • Paid -- funded directly through a faculty member’s grant or via a program that provides a stipend
  • Conducted for academic credit, or
  • Supported via a grant for which you apply. 

Keep in mind that funding options are often specific to particular kinds of research, fields of study, grad year, etc.  In addition, most (but not all) CURF funding is reserved for research conducted under the mentorship of a Penn faculty member.

Use the list below to identify research programs, grants and opportunities at Penn, elsewhere in the US and abroad.  While CURF strives to maintain a thorough and up-to-date website, these listings are not comprehensive and students are encouraged to conduct their own funding searches.

What grants should I apply for?

The Penn Undergraduate Research Mentorship (PURM) program is ideal for first and second-year students who have little to no prior research experience.  For more advanced researchers, the College Alumni Society Research Grant, the Vagelos Undergraduate Research Grant, and the Class of 1971 Robert J. Holtz Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Research are good places to start.

Other options are often specific to particular populations or kinds of research (e.g. grants for international research, social-impact endeavors, or for juniors who have not done research before). 

Title Deadlinesort ascending
Penn's Green Fund April 25, 2019
Italia Innovation: Excellence at Scale April 15, 2019
Italia Innovation: Meaningful Companies April 15, 2019
California Innovation: Manufacturing Renaissance April 15, 2019
Department of Urban Studies April 15, 2019
Hoesley Digital Literacy Fellows Program April 15, 2019
The Wharton Public Policy Initiative (PPI) Internship Funding April 15, 2019
US Dept of Energy Internships April 2, 2019
Dr. Rosane Rocher Prize April 2, 2019
Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship Program April 2, 2019
ASM's Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) April 2, 2019
American Friends of Herculaneum (AFOH) Scholarships April 1, 2019
José Miguel Oviedo Undergraduate Student Paper Award April 1, 2019
Department of South Asia Studies Undergraduate Research Grants April 1, 2019
Penn IUR Fellows in Urban Leadership April 1, 2019
NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program (NASA-USRP) April 1, 2019
Mellon Undergraduate Research Fellows April 1, 2019
Bodek Prize for Research on Interracial and Interfaith Relations March 31, 2019
Rose Award March 31, 2019
Seltzer Family Digital Media Awards March 31, 2019
Joseph Warner Yardley Prize March 31, 2019
The Gordon Family Award for Urban Studies Public Service Internship March 29, 2019
The Hassenfeld Grant for Undergraduate Research in Urban Studies March 29, 2019
Lynda S. Hart Award in Sexuality Studies March 25, 2019
Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Senior Thesis Award in Women's Studies March 25, 2019
Hayden Scholars March 22, 2019
Nnamdi Azikiwe African Studies Prize March 20, 2019
Center for Africana Studies Distinguished Student Prize March 20, 2019
Wolf Humanities Center March 20, 2019
Penn Museum Field Research Grants March 15, 2019
Center for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Immigration (CSERI) March 15, 2019
Supported Undergraduate Positions on Summer Research Teams March 15, 2019
Andrea Mitchell Center Undergraduate Research Grants March 15, 2019
Integrating Sustainability Across the Curriculum (ISAC) March 15, 2019
Sigma Xi Grant March 15, 2019
ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships March 15, 2019
Goldfein Research Awards March 15, 2019
Brenner Special Opportunity Awards March 15, 2019
Penn Undergraduate Sustainability Action Grant March 11, 2019
Class of 1971 Robert J. Holtz Fund March 11, 2019
College Alumni Society Undergraduate Research Grant March 11, 2019
Pincus-Magaziner Family Undergraduate Research Fund March 11, 2019
Gelfman International Summer Fund March 11, 2019
The Urban Studies Program Gordon Fellowship Award March 11, 2019
Jumpstart for Juniors March 11, 2019
Center for the Advanced Study of India March 11, 2019
The Amici Prize: Undergraduate Research in Italian Studies March 10, 2019
Hassenfeld Foundation Social Impact Research Grant March 10, 2019
Association of Alumnae Rosemary D. Mazzatenta Scholars Award March 10, 2019
Penn Museum Fellows March 8, 2019
Summer Research Internship at Columbia Business School March 1, 2019
The Melvin M. Goldberg Undergraduate Fellowship of $5000 for Research in Israel March 1, 2019
Postsecondary National Policy Institute (PNPI) Summer Scholar Program March 1, 2019
Short Term Educational Experiences for Research (STEER) March 1, 2019
MindCore: Undergraduate Summer Fellowship Program in Interdisciplinary Mind and Brain Studies March 1, 2019
Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies Summer Internship March 1, 2019
National Radio Astronomy Summer Research Assistantships February 27, 2019
Louis Schwartz and Elaine Friedman Schwartz Memorial Fund February 25, 2019
Samuel and Esther Goldin Endowment Award February 25, 2019
Merle Saunders Schaff Memorial Awards February 25, 2019
Wharton Social Impact Research Experience (WSIRE) February 18, 2019
Wharton Summer Program for Undergraduate Research February 18, 2019
Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program (PURM) February 17, 2019
Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies Student Research Fellowship February 15, 2019
Google Public Policy Fellowship February 15, 2019
Field Research Fellowship Program with American Center for Mongolian Studies February 15, 2019
Communication within the Curriculum February 15, 2019
The Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (LRSM) NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) February 15, 2019
Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law Summer Internship Program February 15, 2019
South Asia Center Research Internships February 11, 2019
Perry World House Student Fellows February 11, 2019
Gates Center Summer Internship Program February 11, 2019
National Institute on Drug Abuse February 11, 2019
Penn Program for Public Service Internship Program February 11, 2019
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) February 10, 2019
Summer Undergraduate Internships in Clinical and Translational Science February 8, 2019
Moore Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (MURAP) at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill February 8, 2019
Summer Humanities Internships February 8, 2019
SUPERS@Penn February 4, 2019
FactCheck.Org Fellowship February 4, 2019
Harvard-Amgen Scholars Program February 1, 2019
Summer Research - Early Identification Program (SR-EIP) February 1, 2019
Princeton Neuroscience Institute (PNI) Summer Internship Program February 1, 2019
Sachs Program for Arts Innovation February 1, 2019
Leonard Davis Institute Summer Undergraduate Minority Research Institute February 1, 2019
Summer Training as Research Scholars Program at Boston University February 1, 2019
College of Arts & Sciences Travel Grant February 1, 2019
Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP) February 1, 2019
CHOP Research Institute Summer Scholars Program (CRISSP) January 31, 2019
EPFL School of Life Sciences International Summer Research Program January 31, 2019
Museum Studies Internship Program at Philadelphia Museum of Art January 31, 2019
The Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Curatorial Fellowship Program January 31, 2019
American Psychological Association Undergraduate Research Opportunities January 29, 2019
REU Sites: Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences January 29, 2019
Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) January 29, 2019
The Center for Nanoscale Chemical-Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Systems Undergraduate Summer Programs January 29, 2019
American Heart Association Undergraduate Student Summer Fellowship Program January 28, 2019
SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience): Natural and Biomedical Sciences Program at Emory College January 28, 2019
Department of Medicine Undergraduate Student Scholars Program (USSP) January 25, 2019
Undergraduate Clinical Scholars Program (UCSP) January 25, 2019
Volunteer Internship Program with PCI Ventures January 25, 2019
Team Grants for Interdisciplinary Activities (TGIA) January 20, 2019
Grants for Faculty Mentoring Undergraduate Research January 20, 2019
UROP International at RWTH Aachen University January 15, 2019
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Scholars Program January 15, 2019
DOE Office of Science Education January 10, 2019
GIANT International Internship Program January 8, 2019
Humanity in Action January 6, 2019
Penn Global Research & Internship Program (GRIP) January 6, 2019
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) RISE December 15, 2018
Monell’s Science Apprenticeship Program December 14, 2018
Penn Undergraduate Urban Research Colloquium December 7, 2018
College House Research Fellows December 1, 2018
Cultural Vistas Fellowships November 15, 2018
Vagelos Undergraduate Research Grant October 21, 2018
Center for High Impact Philanthropy September 28, 2018
camra Fellows October 6, 2017