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University Scholars

Please note that in light of COVID-19-occasioned changes to University operations, all in-person UScholars events and activities are currently suspended. The Faculty Director, Dr. Alain Plante, and Academic Coordinator, Dr. Christine Muller, remain available remotely to advise students with questions about their research and the UScholars program in general. For appointments, please use this Calendly link for scheduling with Dr. Plante.

The University Scholars (UScholars) program provides an exceptional academic environment for intellectually-dynamic undergraduates who have demonstrated their commitment to research.

Through community support, research funding, and scholarly events, the program encourages and enables students to make the most of their undergraduate years, not only by pursuing in-depth research, but also by starting early with graduate and professional courses, with curricular choices ranging widely or, in some cases, focusing narrowly.

The UScholars program primarily advances undergraduate research, including through a fund for use toward defraying students' research expenses. Funding should be applied toward the expense of the research itself; often, this pertains to room and board costs over the summer months. Occasionally, students’ research will take them away from Penn. In those instances, the program may be able to fund travel expenses as well.

The UScholars community of students, faculty, and staff meet weekly for Friday lunch talks at which students present their in-progress research for discussion. Because UScholars attend all four undergraduate schools, these presentations come from an array of disciplines, illustrating a variety of research techniques. UScholars learn how to conduct effective research projects by participating in this greater community of researchers.