Your Language My Ear 2019





Project Summary

This summer, I was given the opportunity to work with Professor Kevin M. F. Platt on the “Your Language My Ear” project. During this project, I worked with one other student to help create the foundation for the Your Language My Ear symposium, a Russian-English poetry translation symposium taking place in the Spring of 2018. I worked extensively on building the website—Penn’s first bilingual website—which includes photo archives, resources, publications, and information about the symposium and participants. I also worked on personal translations of the poet Georgy Ivanov.

During my time working under Professor Platt, I not only learned about poetry translation, but also website development. I was introduced to the world of digital humanities and discovered how important it is for the future of humanities field. By engaging in this research, I was able to work on web design and development for a symposium that I find fascinating. In the future, I hope to use the skills that I have learned and apply them to interesting subjects. I feel that I will also look at poetry translations in a much different way, as I now know the time and thought that must be given to a poem from a culture and tongue.