Performance and Vitality in International Economic Organizations



Associate Professor of Political Science

Project Summary

I am currently enrolled as a PPE student in the College of Arts and Sciences here at Penn, a major that has exposed me to a wide variety of topics and experiences. Having been able to sample a diverse number of courses, I became interested in combining my interest in East Asian with the study of political science. In particular, I was fascinated by the research of Professor Gray, whose work deals with examining international organizations and the factors that allow them to succeed, or alternately fail.


Prior to my work this summer, I had previously worked at the Ballatore Chemistry Laboratory here at Penn, an experience that gave me insight into the world of experimental research. My work in the realm of political science, however, was a brand new foray into a world of completely different processes. Through my 6 weeks working on the project, I was able to gain valuable insight into the world of actual political science research that I had never gained before. For each individual international organization that we were assigned, we each devled into different databases and archives, utilizing a mixture of both analog and digital methods to compile our data. I gained both a better understanding of the politics of international organization, but more important, applicable skills that will allow me to tackle similar projects in the future. Looking to the future, I hope to do continue doing research with Professor Gray, while further on, I’d like one day conduct research in China on different organizations in the country.