Plato and Aristotle: Ethics and Politics

Plato and Aristotle: Ethics and Politics




Professor of Philosophy

Project Summary

Working with Dr. Meyer on ancient philosophy over the summer has truly introduced me to the work of a philosopher. Over ten weeks, my research buddy and I worked on several projects on The Laws, The Statesman, Crito, and Nicomachean Ethics. The bulk of our work included reading both primary and secondary literature, formulating constructive questions and thoughts, and voicing our own opinions in discussions and workshops. In particular, we focused on her papers on Aristotle’s conception of the Kalon and the Plato’s argument for the rule of laws. In addition, we also had the opportunities to engage in various aspects of Dr. Meyer work, such as proofreading her papers, attending dissertation defenses, and helping her record video lectures.

Coming into this project, I was curious about the research side of the academia. Seeing how Dr. Meyer manages various publication tasks and personal research agendas definitely painted me a concrete picture of her work. I also learned about how an academic project, such as the publication of a paper or a book, comes about. Going behind the scenes of an academic project, for someone like me who aspires to work in this profession in the future, was incredibly helpful in terms of telling me the types of work I would be doing if I were to pursue such a career and answering many of my questions about the field. This project also trained my skills as a student and as a researcher. Being almost constantly pushed to read and think critically is something I’m very grateful of and I’m sure these skills will be of great aid in the next stages of my education. Overall, I think working with Dr. Meyer over the summer was an awesome experience that taught me so many things that I wouldn’t be able to learn elsewhere.