Philip Krotenok

Philip Krotenok

Taking part in research here at Penn can have dramatic impacts on forming news passions and interests, as it’s done for me. Prior to taking part in PURM during my summer after freshman year, I was intimidated by the idea of using data science tools and computer programming to facilitate biomedical research. Despite such hesitancy, my mentor curated a growth-mindset environment which enabled me to gain new skills in coding languages such as Python and R. My passions have now grown to involve data science and its applications within the field of medicine. Particularly, topics within health economics grabs my attention.

Finding the right research project never comes easy and what you enjoy researching now could change easily within a semester at Penn. My advice to new researchers is to put yourself out there and know that faculty are just as excited on taking new research mentees as students are on finding new mentors. You’re welcome to email me with any questions at all regarding research, medicine, data science, and anything that sparks your curiosity.

  • Jo Lab, Perelman School of Medicine Department of Radiology, (May 2020 – Present)
    • PURM grant

Affinity groups: QuestBridge, FGLI