Twenty-one BFS students present at CURF Fall Research Expo 2020

Twenty-one BFS students presented at the CURF Fall Research Expo on September 17, 2020. This was the first year it was held virtually, with many of the presenters available to chat live and attendees able to leave questions, comments, and observations. Students’ posters can still be viewed on the expo website.


Gerardo E Ballesteros, Wharton ’23, E-commerce technology adoption by internet retailers: An empirical study of E-commerce retail development

Jennifer Ben Nathan, CAS ’23, Novel, Cell Type-Specific Roles for Nucleus Accumbens Amylin Receptors in Oxycodone Taking in Rats

Bailey Rose Campbell, Wharton ’23, The Cannabis Industry: Vertical Integration Laws

Charlene Canning, Wharton ’23, Supreme Businesses: Impacts of Business Cases Since 1888

Michiyah Collins, CAS ’21, Hypermotile Screen Reveals Potential Haloferax volcanii Two Component Regulatory System

Julia Davies, CAS ’22, Computational Analysis of Bacterial Protein-Inhibitory Interactions

Ibreez Esmail, Wharton ’23, Analysis of trends in federal workplace harassment litigation with respect to the #MeToo movement

Jake Freedman, CAS ’23, Value of cfDNA Concentration as a Biomarker of Cancer Progression and Prognosis

Adriana Chelsea Freire, Wharton ’23, Underdog Narratives in the Workplace

Margaret Gladieux, CAS ’23, The Healthy Brains and Behavior Study: Methodology and Challenges in Community-Based Follow-Up Studies of Young Adults

William Han, CAS ’23, Role of NK Cells in Circadian Regulation of Lung Injury

Neehal Hussain, EAS ’23, Exploring Statistical and Computational Methods in Circadian Metabolomics

Ben Kurland, CAS ’22, Sleep Spindles

Brandon Li, CAS ’23, Imaging Techniques for the Differentiation of Progression and Pseudoprogression in High Grade Gliomas

Nick Loh, CAS ’23, The prevalence and severity of TDP-43 pathology in Alzheimer's disease

Jesica Hana Mena, CAS ’23, Terehertz Intensity Mapper (TIM): Studying Cosmic Star Formation History with a Balloon-Borne Telescope

Ritin Pachnanda, CAS ’23, Effects of Retrieval Mode on Temporal Discounting

Olivia Rivellini, CAS ’23, Determining the Effects of Neuronal Proximity to Blood Vessels on Cell Membrane Permeability Following Repetitive Traumatic Brain Injuries

Catalina Ruiz, CAS ’22, Stakeholder Engagement in the Darby Cobbs Watershed

Tiffany Schell, CAS ’22, Predictive Validity of the Pragmatic Prospection Scale

Jacques Thompson, CAS ’23, The Question of Immoral Humor