Jumpstart for Juniors

Application Deadline

March 12, 2018

The Jumpstart for Juniors program will provide students with the opportunity to gain invaluable investigative skills in the summer after their junior year.  Students who are new to research and require a summer of intensive training with a faculty member prior to undertaking a more independent project are strongly encouraged to apply.  These funds may also be used to continue an established, ongoing independent research project under the supervision of a faculty mentor or to gather necessary data prior to embarking on a senior thesis or other significant independent research project.  Priority will be given to students who have not previously received CURF funding. 

Applications are due March 12, 2018.  Student budgets of up to $1000 will be considered.  Mentors of Junior Jumpstart grant recipients will receive $1000 that will be paid into the faculty member’s research account and cannot be taken as salary. 

Current juniors already working with a faculty mentor may apply here (after reading the Application Components below).  Students not yet working with a faculty mentor, please see * below

Application Components

Please complete the following and combine in one .pdf document in preparation for electronic submission:

  • Proposal (1 page limit): include statement of importance, background, hypotheses,  methodology and continued research plans
  • Budget

Letter of Recommendation

In addition, your faculty research advisor must separately submit a supporting letter of recommendation on your behalf. It is your responsibility that this letter be submitted to CURF no later than midnight on March 13, 2017. In this letter, your advisor should comment on the project’s feasibility and the adequacy of your preparation to complete it, describe the extent of the your contribution in formulating the project,  detail what supplies and/or support they are able to provide to ensure project completion, and outline the active ways in which they will mentor you during the research process (both in summer and beyond)

Please request the letter as soon as possible from your faculty research advisor via the Recommendation Request Form, and inform your faculty research advisor whether you have chosen to keep their letter confidential and waive your right of access to it.

* Juniors who are not yet working with a faculty mentor and/or who do not have a project proposal are welcome to apply.  They should first contact an appropriate faculty member and secure their support to apply for Jumpstart.   Dr. Ann Vernon-Grey of CURF is available for consultations on how to identify and contact potential research mentors (call 215-746-6488 for appointments).  The student will then submit an application in conjunction with the faculty mentor, who will provide a project proposal summary.

Types of expense to which the funds may be applied include travel to libraries, museums, archives, and research sites; living expenses that would enable the student to remain at the University during the summer and research equipment and supplies.  Please note that conference travel, registration, poster printing etc. are not considered research associated expenses.  Reimbursement of living expenses may be taxable. Items that cost $500 or more with a useful life of one year or more must be purchased with a University purchase requisition and will remain the property of the University.

Project proposals will be evaluated by a faculty committee designated by CURF and selected for funding based on representation of original research allowing student to make a significant contribution to knowledge, conceptual clarity, and potential for continued research involvement.

Undergraduates receiving this funding are expected to present a poster at two designated CURF events and submit a research summary suitable for posting on CURF’s website.  The summary should describe the project’s goals and content, what the student learned through the research experience and how participating in this research project contributed to the educational experience.

Research Offering Type

Independent Research Grant

Research Offering Location

Research Eligibility: 

Undergraduate School

College Engineering Nursing Wharton
Class Year: 

Research Offering Source


Contact Information

Dr. Ann Vernon-Grey
Phone: 215-746-6488