Gutmann-Doyle Research Opportunities Fund

The Amy Gutmann and Michael Doyle Research Opportunities Fund is used at the discretion of the director of CURF to assist students with activities associated with their independent research projects. This may include covering the cost of travel to research sites, or assisting with living expenses during a research project away from campus. The funding is only available on an emergency basis when there are no other sources of funding available and can not be used in conjunction with other funding sources. Applicants can expect to receive no more than $500 from this fund.


Applicants must be current undergraduate students, and must plan to use all funds received before the completion of their degree.

There is no annual deadline; all applications will be considered in the order they are received, and decisions will be made by the director of CURF on the merits of the application and the needs of the applicant.

All applicants MUST discuss project plans with Director Jane Morris before applying.

Research Offering Type


Undergraduate School

College Engineering Nursing Wharton

Research Offering Source