Fall Research Expo and Open House

2021 Fall Virtual Research Expo and Open House

If you are an undergraduate who participates in research activities of any type, you are invited to present a poster at the University of Pennsylvania Fall Research Expo on September 14 at 5:00 pm EDT, on the new Penn Presents platform. Please submit your poster and related content by 11:59 PM EDT, Friday, August 27.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Make your poster! Be sure to work with your advisor(s) so that you are following group- and/or field-specific standards.  You can also check out the guidance at the Penn Libraries (https://guides.library.upenn.edu/pp/virtualposters) or join the CURF Research Canvas site for more help.
  2. Generate both a .pdf and a .jpg/.png preview of your poster. The .jpg/.png will create the poster preview while the .pdf will ensure your poster displays properly on the individual poster page. 
  3. Film an “elevator pitch” and host it on vimeo or youtube—show off your research and tell us why it matters to you. This can be unlisted, just don’t set it to private or it won’t embed.  Remember that sometimes less is more and aim for no more than a ~3-5 video!
  4. Visit https://presentations.curf.upenn.edu and look in the top right corner for the “submit” link. Log in using your PennKey.
    If you’ve never used the site before, make sure you take a moment and fill out your user profile too!
  5. Fill out your poster form!

    It is critical to:
    --select “Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships” as the sponsor organization
    --select “Fall Research Expo 2021” as the event
    --decide whether your poster is ok for public viewing, or if it contains any preprint material and needs to be kept only for Penn community members. Check with your advisor if you’re not sure.
  6. When you hit submit, your poster will not immediately display. CURF will be notified, and one of our team will go in and review it prior to publication.
  7. If you need to make any updates or changes to your poster once it’s live, log back into the site and visit your poster—you’ll see a little “edit” button. Changes will be reviewed by CURF and pushed live after review.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to email aolson@upenn.edu.