19th-Century Art and Impressionism

Conduct primary research and editing of manuscript related to the arts and material cultures of France and Germany in the mid to late nineteenth century.
Dombrowski, André : Humanities

A NeuroPhysics of Development

The goal of the project is to characterize changes in brain network structure that accompany both healthy and abnormal brain development.
Bassett, Danielle : Engineering and Computing

A NeuroPhysics of Learning

The end result of this project will be a better understanding of how people learn, and will open up new avenues for research into methods to optimize learning environments.
Bassett, Danielle : Engineering and Computing

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Liraglutide 3.0 MG/D for Binge Eating Disorder

This is a trial of the medication liraglutide for the treatment of binge eating disorder.
Allison, Kelly : Biomedical Science

Abdominal and Upper Airway MRI Imaging Analysis

A student would receive training in image segmentation and would be able to work on a variety of population samples.
Schwab, Richard J. : Biomedical Science

Accomplishing a Common Goal Using Language

The job involves recruiting research participants in Penn student population and in the wider community, recording conversations, and coding and analyzing these conversations on a number of dimensions.
Dahan, Delphine : Social Science

Acute Lung Injury and Lung Transplantation

Perform translational research involving the role of oxidative stress, coagulation/fibrinolysis and inflammatory pathways.
Christie, Jason : Biomedical Science

Addiction Research

Examine the signaling and dysfunction of neurotransmitter systems
Dani, John : Biomedical Science

Adipose Cells in Normal Development and in Obesity

Investigating pathways that determine the fate of different types of fat cells.
Seale, Patrick : Biomedical Science

Adolescent and young adult (AYA) survivors of childhood cancer

Adolescent and young adult (AYA) survivors of childhood cancer
Schwartz, Lisa

Adolescent Health

Adolescent health care utilization, adolescent health communication, parental influences on adolescent health
Ford, Carol : Biomedical Science

Advancing the wellbeing of children, adolescents, and young adults

Chris Feudtner's research is devoted to advancing the wellbeing of children, adolescents, and young adults with complex chronic conditions and serious, often rare, illnesses, and to promote the wellbeing of their families.
Feudtner, Chris : Biomedical Science, Social Science

Affective Disorders

Non-invasive brain stimulation, psychophysiology, behavior and functional MRI recordings of brain circuits relevant to affective disorders and especially depression and PTSD.
Oathes, Desmond : Biomedical Science

Agent-Based Modeling to Reduce Unmet Needs of Seniors Aging in Place in NYC

Agent-Based Modeling to Reduce Unmet Needs of Seniors Aging in Place in NYC
Silverman, Barry : Engineering and Computing

Alzheimer's Disease, Infectious Diseases, Oxidative Stress, Computer-Assisted Drug Design, and Molecular Recognition

A variety of technologies are employed in the Axelsen lab including mass spectrometry, computer simulation, and various forms of optical spectroscopy.
Axelsen, Paul : Biomedical Science

American Attitudes Toward the Affordable Care Act

Read and identify specific elements in thousands of Americans' open-ended responses about the Affordable Care Act.
Hopkins, Daniel : Social Science

American Higher Education

Conduct research on American higher education, with a particular focus on minority serving institutions.
Gasman, Marybeth : Social Science

American Music

Women and gender, and music and its connection to book history, are important topics in Professor Goodman's research.
Goodman, Glenda : Humanities

Analysis of a Volunteer Telemedicine Program in Philadelphia to Improve Access to Care

Analysis of a Volunteer Telemedicine Program in Philadelphia to Improve Access to Care
Kovarik, Carrie : Biomedical Science

Analysis of Hand and Tongue Force Measurements

Analyze force output charts to identify maximum force and compare measurements between the groups.
Schwab, Richard J. : Biomedical Science

Analysis of Human Specific Genome Deletion on Reproduction in a Mouse Model

We have identified a human specific deletion of a genomic element that is conserved among placental mammals and located within a gene that is highly associated with pre-eclampsia risk in humans and known to be critical for the proper development of the reproductive system. Pre-eclampsia is a dangerous complication during pregnancy involving the vasculature that only occurs in humans, but not...
Yana Kamberov : Biomedical Science

Analysis of Neuronal Type Specific Protein Synthesis Landscape

This project aims to analyze neuronal type specific protein synthesis landscape and how it evolves during development and differentiation to each neuronal population.
Akizu, Naiara : Biomedical Science

Analysis of Non-Linear Partial Differential Equations

Dr. Strain has particular interests in the equations of gas dynamics and fluid flow
Strain, Robert M. : Engineering and Computing

Analysis of Nonprofit Organizations Social Media Use

Guo’s research interests focus on the intersection between nonprofit and voluntary action and government. More specifically, he conducts research on representation in nonprofit organizations, nonprofit advocacy, nonprofit governance, collaboration within and across sectors, social entrepreneurship, and social media.
Guo, Chao : Social Science

Analyzing Mutant and Wild Type Embryos

The Raper laboratory is focused on defining and characterizing the cues that guide growing axons to their targets in the developing nervous system.
Raper, Jonathan : Biomedical Science

Anesthetic Hysteresis and Time-Limiting Steps of Consciousness Reconstruction

By determining the pattern of behavioral and electroencephalographic markers of anesthetic-induced ablation of consciousness with relation to carefully titrated anesthetics, we hope to gain a greater understanding of brain circuitry involved in restoring consciousness after sleep, anesthesia, or neurologic injury.
McKinstry-Wu, Andrew : Biomedical Science

Anesthetic Induced Neurotoxicity in the Developing Brain

Perform lab tasks using immunohistochemical staining techniques.
Ward, Christopher : Biomedical Science

Animal Cardiology and Electrophysiology

Companion animal cardiology, arrhythmias, electrophysiology.
Gelzer, Anna : Biomedical Science

Animal models of inherited eye diseases

Using dogs as models to study the genetics and molecular basis of inherited diseases of the eye.
Miyadera, Keiko : Biomedical Science