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Prospective Students

Students can apply to the University Scholars program from the end of their freshman year through the first semester of their junior year. However, if a student plans to be abroad junior year, he or she must apply to the program during the second semester of their sophomore year. University Scholars are expected to be significantly involved in research and planning a career in research and scholarship, although not necessarily the same topic/discipline. They should also have specific ideas of what they would like to study and be able to give evidence of their commitment to their own research, e.g., having talked with professors with whom they might work, or having already begun some of the research on their own, perhaps in the form of a paper or an independent study. Applicants must also have a really good mentor who can continue to supervise their research designs.   These specific ideas of intellectual and academic plans will be the meat of any University Scholars application essay.

The Proposal

While this application can be somewhat challenging, its purpose is to teach students how to clarify and communicate their academic goals and skills for meeting those goals.

The application form can be found here.

Applications are due November 1 and March 1.