Innovation and Intellectual Property Strategies of Multinational Enterprises




Associate Professor

Project Summary

The project I worked on focused on intellectual property strategies of multinational enterprises. As innovation becomes one of the most heated topics in nowadays world, multinational companies aim to accumulate larger intellectual property portfolios and to look for stronger intellectual property protection. Such focus leads to various strategic decisions during the process of globalization, which depends largely on unique local environments. I mainly worked on three parts of this project: intellectual property litigation as a location choice, market entries as bargaining chips, and intellectual property litigation as an information revealing process. My main tasks included data processing and literature review. I used Orbis platform to collect intellectual property-related data on targeted companies and used Stata to execute data matching, cleaning and merging. The companies that I studied included Fortune 500 companies and the opponents of those Fortune 500 companies in IP litigations, especially focusing on non-Fortune 500 Chinese companies.

PURM gave me a chance to meet a great mentor and a group of students with whom I share similar interests. My mentor started with smaller assignments to get me familiar with new data processing tools and platforms; at the end of the ten weeks, she trusted me with large and difficult assignments. I also had an opportunity to communicate with the other student in our group: our projects are closely related; therefore, it was rewarding to exchange progress on our own projects and share findings. Outside of the office, we had lunches to personally get to know each other. PURM also organized various events to help us get to know each other and to learn about research-related opportunities. I was lucky to form precious friendships throughout the ten weeks.