1 World Connected




Professor of Law, Communication, and Computer & Information Science

Project Summary

1 World Connected is a project from the University of Pennsylvania CTIC that aims to collect, analyze, and disseminate information about efforts to improve broadband adoption around the world. The project compiles connectivity initiatives for unconnected and underserved areas around the world and conducts case studies to learn about their objectives, impact, and challenges. Through analyzing the data from the case studies conducted, the project is able to present important findings on which types of these efforts are most effective in their goals, funneling investment in the right direction and leading to a more efficient effort to connect the world.

Over the summer, I was responsible for a variety of tasks that ranged from data collection and cleaning to writing papers and reports on a variety of subjects related to internet connectivity, education, financial inclusion, gender development and more. Additionally, I was actively involved in reaching out to a diverse multi-stakeholder community that engages in internet-based connectivity efforts around the world for participation in case studies.

During my time on the project, I was able to learn and cultivate a well-rounded set of skills that prepare me well for any path I choose in the future. On the technological skills side, I learned and practiced how to efficiently utilize the internet for research purposes and find specific information quickly, as well as how to use tools such as Excel to better organize and manage data. On the research side, I learned how to synthesize information from many sources and write papers and reports that communicated my findings. Throughout continued writing practice, I brushed up on my writing skills and speed, as well as incorporate a new style of academic writing to my repertoire. Additionally, I learned how to identify important stakeholders in any community and how to think in a way that incorporates multiple perspectives.

Ultimately, my time on this project has taught me a great deal of information on not only the field of internet connectivity, but also on other related subjects of my choosing. The project was adaptable and allowed me to work on aspects that related to my interests in technology, business, and law. I learned about emerging technologies in the field of internet connectivity, regulations around the world, business models that social enterprises adopt, and more. From my experience here, I am a more complete student, researcher, and person.