Changing Social Norms: Combating Open Defecation in India

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Postdoctoral Fellow, Philosophy Politics and Economics

Project Summary

Our project aims to provide a clearer understanding of social factors that contribute to open defecation, as well as barriers to latrine usage in rural India. This included reading existing literature on existing latrine coverage, usage, and open defecation data to further our understanding on the topic. My work consisted of analyzing, screening, and reviewing current literature and working on putting that information in one conclusive article. Throughout the process, I learned the ins and outs of conducting formal research and rigorous data analysis, including different screening and ranking methods for different types of studies. Participating in this research furthered my interest in social norms and how they can affect behavior in tremendous ways. I really enjoyed working with other students and post-docs, and hope to do more research in public health in the future.


Changing Social Norms: Combating Open Defecation in India