Black Philly Project




Project Summary

The Black Philly Project is an ever growing project that contains two components: an interactive digital map of Black Philadelphia and a documentary series. The project documents historical events, places, and people that have been foundational and defined Black history and the Black experience in Philadelphia. The documentary series is only one part of the project in which we interviewed professionals, public figures, and everyday Philadelphians about the urban renewal and gentrification that has threatened the history, historic locations, and residents of Philadelphia. With rapid urban change threatening the history and residents of Black Philly, the documentary series highlights parts of Philadelphia and the history in that area. The digital archive however is the main component of the project. Black Philadelphian history is at a threat of being lost. In creating a digital archive that contains voice recordings, 360 images that we have collected, pictures, short documentaries, and so on, we have created a database where users can access the archive of the history of Black Philadelphians. The project also contain an interactive map of Philadelphia where users can click on locations and see the significance of that location to the history of Black Philadelphia. These locations have information, digital voice recordings, documentary video, and more.