History of Mexican and Latin American Immigration to the United States


Assistant Professor of Nursing Director, Health Equity & Media Lab


Associate Professor of History

Project Summary

In the current political climate, conversations about immigration are unavoidable - but, the most important aspect of any discussion on this topic is that all parties involved are well informed on the issue and are able to understand historical nuances and potential implications. This project sought to compile an annotated bibliography to design a comprehensive, diverse syllabus for a semester long course on immigration in the Department of History, here at the University of Pennsylvania. What drew me to this project is the opportunity to deeply explore the topic of immigration, a subject that my previous coursework has only briefly discussed, yet is so relevant to modern society. Throughout the summer I had the opportunity to read books detailing the stories of immigrants who migrated across the border on foot, watch thought-provoking documentaries on life in migrant detainment facilities, analyze significant Supreme Court cases dealing with immigration, among other learning experiences. Moving forward in my time at Penn, from this project I’m taking with me my newly gained knowledge of library in person and online resources as well as the ability to extract information from peer reviewed journals, primary sources, and published books to identify common themes and historical trends. Also, I’d like to continue educating myself on the history of immigration in this country and will be sure to keep myself updated on any immigration legislation that is passed in the future.