Performance and Vitality in International Economic Organizations




Associate Professor of Political Science

Project Summary

Throughout the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to work with a small group of students under Political Science Professor Julia Gray on her project titled “How Do International Organizations Work?” In working under Professor Gray, I was primarily responsible for researching the everyday activities of regional economic organizations located throughout Africa using paper-based sources, the internet and various online databases. I recorded and disseminated this information primarily through the creation of timelines detailing the yearly activities of regional economic institutions and the use of excel spreadsheets. The organizations I spent the majority of my summer working on were not just limited to current regional economic organizations, but also predecessor organizations whose information was not always readily available. As a result, working under Professor Gray allowed me to further enhance and hone my writing and research skills while also deepening my understanding for the work done by international organizations. I am hoping to use these newly developed skills this coming school year as I begin writing my senior thesus for my international relations major. Although the content of my thesis will be entirely unrelated to the research being done for Professor Gray’s project “How Do International Organizations Work?” the skills I learned under her leadership will allow me to conduct the immersive, in-depth and hands-on research necessary for my thesis and will allow me to disseminate my research in a productive and accessible way.