The Vitality of International Organizations: An Analysis of the Legal and Practical Aspects of IOs

Vita Raskeviciute



Associate Professor of Political Science

Project Summary

This summer I had an incredible opportunity to work with Professor Gray of the Political Science Department on her research regarding the vitality of International Organizations (IO). This research project intended to discover what factors contribute to the longevity and effectiveness of International Organizations.

The idea and goal of this PURM project is based on the paper written by Professor Gray, which claims that world’s International Organizations exist in three categories: those that are alive and effectively promote cooperation, those that are dead, and those that are zombie where they show some minimal activity on paper but, make very few meaningful cooperation efforts.

As a research assistant in this project, my primary responsibility was to research and catalogue the activities of International Organizations by investigating news database (Nexis Uni). Gathering and classifying information regarding the IOs’ activities, achievements, meetings, and bureaucratic structures allowed me to discover patters for assessing vitality of International Organizations. Working on this research project did not only enable me to deepen my knowledge of different International Organizations, their goals, and influence, but also strengthened my analytical skills to draw educated conclusions from qualitative data.

Moreover, professor Gray provided me with an opportunity to focus my research on the IOs in Eastern Europe. As I am particularly fascinated about this region, this research experience enabled me to deepen my knowledge of the geopolitical power dynamics in Eastern Europe. I had a chance to thoroughly research the most prominent International Organizations, such as CIS and EEU, that unite the post-communist states and often draw them under the influence of Russia by creating the alternative to the EU’s influence in the region.

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