Detecting Match Fixing in Soccer Matches




Postdoctoral Researcher, Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program and the Behavioral Ethics Lab; Lecturer, Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences

Project Summary

The title of my project is “Detecting Match Fixing in Soccer Matches.” In this project my goal was to filter detailed gambling data that my mentor had given me and append to this data information that I had obtained on the internet. The gambling data was given to me in massive data sets which called for me to learn how to use databases as this size exceeded Excel’s capacity. In addition, this meant that I had to web scrape data from the internet on the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, World Cup, Confederation Cup, and Euro Cup and merge this data with the filtered data that I was given.


This project basically made me learn how to use Python, STATA, and Excel proficiently. Learning STATA and Python will be useful for any future coding/statistics endeavors that I may pursue in the future, especially since I probably going to minor in computer science. In addition, this project taught me the basics of data science, which entails cleaning, sourcing, and merging data. These skills are extremely useful now because of the influx of big data and the demand of firms to analyze this data to make them more efficient and successful.


But what I learned the most from this project was what exactly research was, as I had thought that it meant wearing a white coat and playing with vials all day. Research is exploring unanswered questions in your own unique way and what I liked the most is that there is not set way to answer these questions. You are forced to learn by yourself how to tackle the problem in a clever way, by either learning new skills or using skills that you already have.