City Uncensored

Elizabeth writing on poster




Assistant Professor of Nursing Director, Health Equity & Media Lab

Project Summary

The project’s objective is to develop a social media intervention to prevent HIV/STI in the young adult population. We were able to start on this project from the very beginning by filling out IRB documentation, conducting literature reviews, and hosting placeholder interviews with community leaders. We were also trained on the entire process of conducting focus group interviews, including recruitment, note-taking, and asking questions. I have also gained experience in qualitative analysis and writing a content analysis. I will also be involved in content dissemination of the findings in the future. I truly enjoyed this project as I learned not only the process but also the strong value of community based participatory research. I enjoy volunteering and this project has expanded my knowledge of how this type of research creates intervention to solve community issues. I have gained so much from my involvement and the rich mentorship from Dr. Robin.