The Prospect and Experience of Embarrassment Promote Antisocial Behavior




Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions

Project Summary

This summer I was a research assistant in Maurice Schweitzer’s OID lab. I was able to contribute to multiple projects this summer but I was most involved in a project that was aimed to gauge how the fear of embarrassment affects an individual's decision making processes. I was able to witness the development of the experimental processes of multiple projects and it was amazing to see how diverse projects could be under one department of research. Through the summer I helped develop some experimental processes as well as created the surveys that were used to collect data on Mturk and in the Wharton Behavioral Lab. It was really eye opening to be on the other side of this process considering I have taken many behavioral labs as a student.

I originally had no idea what researched looked like going into the summer but I was happy to have an experience that showed me what research looks like in a field that I am not planning on pursuing as a career. My experience with research allowed me to think critically and problem solve in a way that I haven’t before and I know that these skills will translate into wherever I decide to pursue later down the road. This summer showed me how complex and interesting research is and I have a newfound respect and insight to what goes behind the scenes from the experimental design to publishing a paper. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue research this past summer and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested.