NF-κB c-Rel controls metabolism and function of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) via Cebpb




Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Project Summary

This summer I had the opportunity to work as a research assistant in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department at Penn. Our lab studies immunology and investigates potential pathways to target immune disorders. This summer I worked on multiple projects to investigate a potential drug to target unregulated cell proliferation. Throughout this ten week span I have developed a better understanding about what it means to be a researcher and how to go about planning, conducting, and evaluating research and its results. I have become familiar with many lab protocols and have carried out experiments such as genotyping, real-time PCR, western blot, and seahorse assay, just to name a few. Furthermore, I have become well versed in this field of immunology in order to understand the purpose and results of each experiment we perform. I believe I have learned so much during this experience that cannot be taught in a classroom or out of a textbook. From planning and carrying out an experiment to troubleshooting and analyzing results, I can truly say this experience taught me so much about the research field and has deepened my desire to pursue a career in the sciences. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with very intelligent individuals who I am grateful to have absorbed so much knowledge from. In a broader aspect than what I have learned about science, this time has taught me lessons applicable to many other aspects of my life; I have become better at asking questions, managing my time, planning ahead, solving problems, and working independently. I am grateful to have had this experience and will carry the lessons I learned here throughout my academic and professional career in the future.e.