Defining Fascism



Professor of Africana Studies, Department Chair

Project Summary

My goal for the summer was to gain more comfort with academic literature and to improve my academic writing abilities. Through PURM I was placed with Dr. Hanchard who focuses on global fascism. My job was a combination of many things including sourcing and editing for my mentor and my own research.   
Many days were spent in the library finding citations, editing reviews, or looking for my own source material. Through this process I was exposed to the books and ideas of many prominent academics I otherwise would have never heard of. I have a greater conceptual knowledge of political ideologies and where they intersect with race. The fluidity of disciplines is all the more clear now that I have seen and read the great work of interdisciplinary scholars. 
 In my own project I dove into the true meaning of fascism and how limitations and biases within academia have impeded our understanding fascism as a movement. It opened my eyes to how contentious things that seem easily understood can be. It gave me more comfort with my own academic ability within the social sciences and exposed me to a new perspective on what research looks like. 
As a student, I feel I am more prepared for the upcoming semester; Whether it be through my increases familiarity with academic literature, my confidence in navigating the university library system, or the validation of my passion for policy. I learned a lot in ten weeks that a plan to use for the rest of my academic career both in and out of the classroom.