Analysis of Sunset Boulevard



Associate Professor of City & Regional Planning and Historic Preservation

Project Summary

In 1960, Edward Ruscha began taking a series of photos of every building on the “Sunset Strip” in Los Angeles, California. His series of photos gives us a tour of the strip from both the north and south sides. Our goal for this project was to utilizes these photos, along with data collected from the decennial census as well as articles from local publications in order to provide a more complete story of Sunset Boulevard through an online platform.
Throughout my research experience I learned how to work as part of a research team and how to correspond with others in a more professional setting. I learned that a lot more goes into research than what is seen in the final product. A lot of time and effort goes into the collection and organization of data. During my time working, I learned a lot about the various methods that can be used to organize data through spreadsheets and visuals. I gained a better understanding of how to use Excel as well as data collection platforms such as the National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS). I was also able to observe the process of change that cities experience over time and how a street’s characteristics may sometimes vary from the city as a whole. 
This opportunity provided me with a chance to explore my interests in a field related to my intended major. It also allowed me to develop my communication skills and my organization skills. I was also able to see first-hand how the collection of data, visuals and articles can tell the story of a street.