Hambre: Hungry for Life

Jean Chapiro




Project Summary

Jean Chapiro
Communications Senior Thesis
Advisor: John L, Jackson. Jr & Dr. Kim Woolf
2020- 2021

Hambre: Hungry for Life

What is hunger? And what do we hunger for?
These are the questions asked and analyzed through Hambre: Hungry for life. As a personal and poetic documentary, this multimodal research project explores eating disorders and in particular anorexia through the lens of hunger as a lived experience. By approaching this concept from a physical, emotional, and spiritual perspective, viewers are invited to partake in this transformative journey. As a result, this film can be seen as a form of praxis where theory and film practice meet and align in order to communicate a purposely crafted prosocial message. Through the collective voices of a Triathlete, Chef, and Yogi, hunger becomes a medium of empowerment that defies the often portrayed “ ideal” found in magazines, film, and television of what women should look like, who women should be, and what women should strive to hunger for. As a result, Hambre: Hungry for Life offers a lens of acceptance and analysis through which viewers will come to understand that certain forms of hunger are natural, powerful, and extend far beyond craving food.