Efficacy and Acceptability of an Ethical Decision Making Tool for Clinical Trainees

Nicholas Bishop




Associate Director of Clinical Training

Project Summary

For my senior year, I was able to lead a team under the supervision of Dr. Melissa Hunt. For this year's project, we wanted to test a novel ethical decision making tool for clinical trainees in clinical psychology graduate programs.
This tool had been developed over the past two years with involvement of other Penn undergraduates (including myself), but had only been used to analyze a standardized ethical dilemma.
So for this year's project, graduate students in clinical psychology used the tool to analyze actual dilemmas they had experienced in clinical practice.

This year's project (and my previous year with Dr. Hunt) introduced me to professional ethics and standards in clinical psychology as well as the basics of research in the psychology field.
I had so much fun just doing to weekly lab meetings and discussing the "ethical dilemma of the week". Over the years, I have learned how to create surveys in Qualtrics, code and score participant analyses, and conduct statistical analyses in SPSS.
I am so incredibly grateful for these experiences, and I cannot wait to use these skills in my later research!