Is Beauty in the Nose of the Smeller?

Tochukwu writing something down.



Assistant Professor of Psychology

Project Summary

Is Beauty in the Nose of the Smeller aims to determine whether the olfactory perceptions of the opposite sex contribute to evaluations of attractiveness in the same way that visual and auditory perceptions do. Data was collected from enrolled participants across two sessions in order to investigate this hypothesis. In session one, male and female participants provided voice recordings, facial photographs, and sweat samples. In session two, males rated the voices, faces, and odors of female participants, and females did the same for males. Analysis of the data will determine whether there is within-sex or between-sex agreement on the attractiveness of opposite sex participants in regards to all three sample categories. This research project has provided experience working in a research environment with undergraduate students, which is a population I had not worked with during my previous research positions. Being more proximal to sample collection and participant interaction has foreshadowed the logistics of my future research career.