Political Dialogues Project




Professor of Philosophy

Project Summary

The Political Dialogues Project aimed to create model dialogues that could be used as examples of productive political discussion between people of differing points of view. At a time when the American political sphere is divided like never before, the Political Dialogues project aimed to create a series of models that could be used to further understanding and discussion between those who hold different opinions. The aim of the project was not to create dialogues where one party convinces the other, but rather to create blueprints for dialogues wherein each party comes away with a better understanding of the other’s feelings and viewpoint.


Although more slow paced and contemplative than scientific research, the Political Dialogues Project taught me the basics of research in the humanities. The construction of our guide dialogues also taught me the value of reasoned and measured arguments that tackle issues slowly, making sure that both parties are working from the same basis of understanding and precisely unpacking the issue at hand.


The Political Dialogues Project and my PURM experience introduced me to the basics of research in the humanities and taught me how to be a valuable member of a panel engaged in thoughtful discussion on a wide variety of topical societal issues. The Political Dialogues Project allowed me to channel my love of politics in an academic research setting and gave me a basis for continuing academic research throughout my Penn career.