Promoting Education and Cultivating Empowerment (P.E.A.C.E.) Through Girls Basketball

Princess teaching basketball fundamentals in Liberia




Project Summary

The overall goal of our project was to empower adolescent girls through basketball and personal development workshops. Empowerment in this case was demonstrated in the form of leadership, confidence and team dynamics. The program exceeded my expectations in many ways. Though the program was short I could see the growth in the way many of the girls spoke and how they interacted with each other.  For example, the program girls were interviewed by a local radio and I was extremely impressed with how many of the girls stepped up to the camera and were able voice their opinions with confidence. Though many of the subjects taught at the personal development workshops were foreign to the girls they absorbed the information well and were able apply it to the Liberian culture. Correspondingly, I learned that sports are an important pillar in growth. I think a lot of the girls appreciated just being able to play basketball and interact with girls their own age. For many of the girls this was their first time attending a camp and the space was liberating because they could just focus on being adolescent girls.

This research project contributed to my educational experience because it gave me an ability to work first had with a non-profit and see daily operations of how a non- profit runs. I think working at SOS Children’s Village rekindled my appreciation for non-profits and I am now better able to understand how one non-profit can truly impact the community. SOS Children’s Village is a pivotal part of Monrovia, Liberia because they invest in their staff members and the local community. Furthermore, in the past SOS Children’s Village has been a safe haven for many during the Civil War and Ebola crisis in Liberia.