Samuel Young

Samuel Young

As someone who came to Penn not really knowing what research was or how undergraduates could become involved, getting into research seemed completely out of reach for someone with zero experience like myself. Thanks to CURF, however, I learned of the great faculty-student dynamic that can be cultivated.

I’m particularly interested in particle cosmology, although I have broader interests in astrophysics and data science. I started in astrophysics research during the summer after my sophomore year, interning at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Lab and Stanford University as part of the DOE's SULI program. There, I worked on strengthening correlations with the most extreme astrophysical events in the universe, gamma-ray bursts. I started my research journey in particle physics at the advent of the pandemic (summer after my first year) with the Penn Neutrinos group under Dr. Josh Klein, working on the simulation and analysis of photon sorting for large-scale neutrino detectors. I'm extremely fortunate to have two second-author papers in preparation for publication, and have given contributed talks at a couple of conferences in the US and Europe.

Outside of physics, I’m also a tour guide with the Kite & Key society and engage with various interest clubs. Feel free to reach out with questions about getting involved with research for the first time, utilizing work-study, the sub-matriculation process, and everything in between!

Research positions held:

  • Research Assistant to Dr. Josh Klein, High Energy Physics Experimental Group, Department of Physics and Astronomy (2020-Present)
  • Research Intern to Dr. Maria Dainotti, SLAC National Laboratory / KIPAC, Stanford University (May 2021-Aug. 2021


  • Roy and Diana Vagelos Challenge Award (2021-2022)
  • NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Undergraduate Scholarship (2021)

Affinity Groups:

  • FGLI
  • Work-study