Ryan Turlip

Ryan Turlip

Coming to Penn, I knew that I wanted to conduct research but had no idea where to get started and had no previous experience. However, by utilizing the numerous resources and opportunities that CURF has to offer, I was able to be immersed into the world of clinical research.

Currently, I work as a research assistant to Dr. Jon Yoon in the Department of Neurosurgery at Pennsylvania Hospital aiding in clinical projects. As a pre-med student, working on clinical projects has been an invaluable learning experience by getting early exposure to human anatomy, surgical workflow, and common clinical practice. Our projects mainly focus on surgical patient outcomes pre/intra/post operatively which are used to compare novel approaches to more traditional techniques.

If you have any questions about research at Penn, please reach out!

  • Research position: Clinical Research Assistant to Dr. Jon Yoon, Pennsylvania Hospital Department of Neurosurgery


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