Kosta Tsingas

Konstantinos Tsingas

Penn has provided me continuous support in pursuing my interdisciplinary research interests, which exist at the interface of mathematics, biology, statistics, and informatics. For instance, in Penn’s Department of Cancer Biology, I am currently investigating the genomic profile of mechanisms that maintain genomic integrity during DNA replication in mice and humans through statistics and machine learning. This project was derived from my Summer 2020 PURM experience, where I focused on the analysis of repetitive DNA sequences using computational genomics in Brown Lab. This summer, I participated in the VERSEIM-REU at Tufts University, where I developed numerical algorithms to analyze Radon transforms on manifolds in the microlocal context of limited sonar/photo-acoustic data tomography; I’m continuing my work in the Quinto Research Group currently. I have also previously conducted research in Risbud Lab at Thomas Jefferson University, where I investigated the pathogenesis of intervertebral disc degeneration using transcriptomics analyses. Lastly, I hope to apply to PhD programs this fall for research in related fields.

These experiences would not have been possible without the resources I received at Penn; Penn has allowed me to actualize my interdisciplinary path through scientific research. For those who wish to learn how to get started in research and how to connect and combine multiple research interests (or those who just want to say hi), I welcome you to reach out!

  • Research Assistant, Quinto Group, Department of Mathematics, Tufts (2021-Present)
    • Visiting and Early Scholars’ Experiences in Math REU Program (Summer 2021)
    • UConn Math REU Conference (Summer 2021)
    • Joint Math Meetings Conference (Winter 2022) (Tentative)
  • Research Assistant, Brown Lab, Department of Cancer Biology, UPenn (2020-Present)
    • Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program (Summer 2020)
    • CURF Fall Research Expo (Fall 2020)
  • Research Assistant, Risbud Lab, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, TJU (2019-2020)

Affinity Groups: FGLI


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