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Samantha Simon

I knew I wanted to get involved in research, so I reached out to Professor Danielle S. Bassett during my senior year of high school to sit in on one of her classes. She generously gave me the opportunity to work in her lab helping with data collection. Since coming to Penn, I have transitioned into taking ownership of independent research projects, as well as helping out on larger team projects. While I have gained experience in many areas, I am most passionate about the intersection between condensed matter physics and network science. Outside of my research, I am the club lacrosse team president and a volunteer tutor through Moelis Access Science. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about getting involved in research, balancing research and classes, applying for scholarships, or even if you just want to chat!

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant, Complex Systems Lab, Professor Danielle S. Bassett
  • NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Scholarship Recipient
  • University Scholars