Ren Yagawara

Ren Yagawara

When I first came to Penn, the only thing I knew about research was that I wanted to do it.  I had absolutely no prior research experience, and had no idea where or how to get started.  Although I did not participate in PURM, I was fortunate enough to land a research position under Dr. Maillard at Penn Medicine, which has been absolutely fantastic as I am studying on the pre-med track.  In short, I am involved with research of the immunology of bone marrow transplants as a treatment for blood cancers, which uses mouse models of transplantation.  It was my first time doing research or even being in a lab, and it was truly an unforgettable experience.  In fact, simply finding a research position was a whole journey in and of itself, and I would love to talk more about any aspect of my research experience!  Please feel free to reach out about how to get started with research at Penn, simply deciding whether or not research is something that you would want to try, or just about anything!

Research experience:

  • Maillard Lab, Department of Hematology-Oncology, May 2021 - Present


Affinity groups: Benjamin Franklin Scholars, Mayor's Scholars

Extracurricular activities: Void Ultimate Frisbee, the Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn Compose, Brain Exercise Initiative

Ask me about: getting started with research, my research experience, Integrated Studies Program, pre-med/pre-med with a humanities major, community service at Penn, feel free to reach out about anything!


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