Winston Peloso

Winston Peloso

I’ve been pursuing research since I had a position in a dark matter lab at Princeton during my gap year before college. I then spent a year at Boulder, where my time working in a liquid crystals lab helped me develop a sense of career trajectory, before transferring to Penn. At both schools I found the infrastructure dedicated to connecting me to mentors and lab opportunities incredibly helpful. Working up the nerve to explore research can be hard, but I’d like to help you take advantage of what CURF and Penn have to offer.

Current research:

  • Investigating phase behavior of colloids, analyzing data from NASA ISS experiment (PI Arjun Yodh)
  • Characterizing quantum emission of defects in 2D materials (PI Lee Bassett)

Past research:

  • Preparing and characterizing DNA liquid crystal samples (PI Noel Clark)
  • Developing purification methods for scintillating crystals, constructing a WIMP detector (PI Frank Calaprice)

Affinity groups:

  • Transfer students
  • LGBT+
  • Greek life