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Steven Finn

Affiliated Faculty

 Steven M. Finn teaches Global Pennovation and Fundamentals of Sustainability in the Organizational Dynamics program here at Penn.  However, his work in sustainability and food security spans the globe, through roles in the technology sector (as VP of Food Waste Prevention for Leanpath), consulting, academia, and his blog, Food For Thoughtful Action.  Steven is dedicated to accelerating progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals, and he believes that the greatest challenge humanity faces is driving the urgent change to successfully, and sustainably, feed 9.6 billion global citizens by 2050 – and a critical aspect of that work involves halving global food loss and waste while creating a more circular, regenerative, equitable food system.  His courses are designed to awaken and educate students on sustainability challenges and innovation opportunities, helping them to recognize and harness critical signals and move to an action focus, ultimately creating organizational change leaders for sustainability.  Steven notes that “We are getting continual signals of the seriousness of the degree to which we are ‘overshooting’ Nature’s ecological boundaries due to our linear, wasteful production systems which are predicated on externalizing costs.  We have no ‘Planet B’ to fall back on after exhausting this one, so we must create a regenerative food system, which requires a commitment to driving effective collaborative efforts to address the pressing social and environmental challenges embodied in the SDGs.”