Lang Fengchao, Ph.D.

Post Doctoral Fellow

KSHV is known oncogenic herpes virus associated with human malignancies and lymphoproliferative disorders, which includes Kaposi’s sarcoma, Primary effusion lymphoma, and Multicentric Castleman’s disease. KSHV disrupts the G1 and G2/M checkpoints through multiple pathways. Whether KSHV directly interferes with spindle checkpoints is not known. Impairment of the mitotic checkpoint protein Bub1 leads to CIN and oncogenesis through displacement of Shugoshin-1. KSHV associated diseases have genetic alterations which are driven by chromosomal instability (CIN), as seen in numerous viral-associated cancer cells. Here we examined the molecular mechanism behind KSHV-induced CIN. We showed that the latent antigen LANA, encoded by KSHV, inhibits Bub1 phosphorylation of H2A and Cdc20, and this led to dislocation of Shugoshin-1.
      Our studies demonstrated the direct induction of aneuploidy by LANA. Since I have joined the lab, I learned some experiments and rules in the laboratory and adjusted myself here. I took over the Bub1-KSHV project from Zhiguo in January, 2017 and try to complete the project. Supports and suggestions from Erle are very helpful during completing the project and my current training.