Alexandra Dumas

Alexandra Dumas

As an incoming student, I was actually largely undecided about what my intended major was despite knowing I would be in the world of medicine and could never had imagined I would transfer completely to the school of engineering. The research opportunities at Penn seemed numerous and overwhelming especially for someone with no experience or real understanding of the current developments in modern medicine. After the guidance of my own RPA, I quickly learned that the faculty at Penn, whilst busy, are excited to see the next generation of interested students in their field and as such I was able to find a home in the labs of Dr. Gottardi and Dr. Blinman. Today I am a passionate researcher and love the world of investigation and the constant knowledge that we are working towards helping another individual in a tangible way. I was privileged to fuse my interests in populations of unmet needs and science through the world of pediatrics and am actively involved in research projects to find new systems and ways to care for children be it through tissue engineering, device prototyping or medical economics studies.

Although a large part of my time is spent at the lab, I am an absolute foodie and am always available to meet up to talk more about research and the opportunities at Penn over a cup of coffee!

Research Positions: 

  • Gottardi Bioegnineering and Biomaterials Laboratory: Undergraduate Researcher in cartilage engineering for pediatric airway reconstruction

Awards: Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program 2021

  • Measey Stat Lab in General Surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Undergraduate Researcher in surgical device prototyping and pediatric device market research

Affinity groups: International Student, New College House West, Penn Equestrian Team


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