Mehek Dedia

Mehek Dedhia

During high school, I was involved in research on neurodegeneration and I knew that when I came to Penn, I wanted to be involved in similar research. During my freshman fall, I had the great opportunity to start working in Dr. Dennis Kolson’s lab. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, I had to take a break from the wet-lab research that I thoroughly enjoyed.  

As a result, I joined the Penn Program on Precision Medicine for the Brain as an undergraduate researcher. There, I’m working on several projects with Dr. Shana Stites on the stigma associated with AD and on how biologic sex and brain volume modulate the clinical pathology of AD. I am also currently an undergraduate researcher at the Chen Lab in the Perelman School of Medicine, where I’m studying cortical layer development in brain organoids and hippocampal organoid transplantation. These research experiences have been an integral part of my career at Penn and I look forward to guiding other undergraduates in their research careers at Penn. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the research process at Penn - from contacting faculty members to balancing research and school!

  • University Scholars C’23
  • Undergraduate researcher, Chen Lab, Department of Neurosurgery, Perelman School of Medicine (Spring 2021 - present)
  • Undergraduate researcher, Penn Program on Precision Medicine for the Brain (Summer 2020 - Present)
  • Research Assistant, Kolson Lab (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020)
  • Poster presentations: AAIC - Neuroscience Next (2020), AAIC - Addressing Health Disparities (2021), Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (2021) and CURF Fall Research Expo (2021)