Philip Choi

Philip Choi

My research interests are generally within the field of geophysics and earth science, with particular focuses on solid earth processes and remote sensing. I began doing research work in the summer of my sophomore year at Dr. Douglas Jerolmack's Sediment Dynamics Lab, where I investigated the morphology of cohesive rivers. I used a stream table filled with sand and simulated river formation by discharging water through it, and I later presented these results in poster form at the American Geophysical Union's Fall Meeting in 2019. I also interned at Seoul National University's Geophysical Prospecting Lab and learned to model seismicity in FORTRAN.

Most recently, I completed an NSF REU program - the UNAVCO Research Experiences in Solid Earth Science for Students (RESESS) program - hosted in Boulder, CO. I used high-performance computing to perform DInSAR analysis on surface movements in Greenland.

Currently, I'm still involved in Dr. Jerolmack's lab with flume experiments, and have been helping out at Dr. David Goldsby's Ice Physics lab as well.

Research Positions:

  • Penn Sediment Dynamics Lab, Research Assistant
  • Seoul National University Geophysical Prospecting Lab - Research Intern
  • UNAVCO RESESS Program - Intern
  • Penn Ice Physics Lab - Research Volunteer


  • The Water Center at Penn's Student Research Grant


  • Moelis Access Science
  • Penn Outdoor's Club
  • Penn for Refugee Empowerment