Alex Chen

Alex Chen

Coming to Penn, research was one thing I looked forward to most because it was an opportunity to pursue my interests in ways that I had never done before. Yet, I still found myself worried about how to get started, that was until I found the ability to find and connect with faculty through CURF.

In high school, I worked with a computational modeling program that allowed me to study the intricacies of Li-ion batteries. However, since coming to Penn, I’ve wanted to pursue research more related to the medical field. Working at the Farwell lab has been a fantastic experience where I’m able to apply knowledge from my classes and previous experiences to a novel area of research. As someone who’s enjoyed chemistry throughout my years, I’ve had difficulties finding ways to connect that interest to medical applications. The Farwell Lab utilizes an interdisciplinary team to approach novel areas, such as molecular imaging of oncology, with a recent emphasis on the rapidly growing field of immunotherapies.

I would love to discuss anything remotely related to research and how to get started. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!  

Research Assistant, Farwell Lab, Perelman School of Medicine (2020-Present)
Independent Researcher, Computational Research on Li-ion Batteries (2018-2019)

  • Regeneron STS Scholar
  • Presented at the American Physical Society 2019 March meeting