Jacqueline Chan

Jacqueline Chan

Coming into Penn, I knew I wanted to continue pursuing research in the biomedical sciences. Initially, the vast array of research projects listed in the CURF Research Directory presented a daunting task of narrowing down which research topics interested me and which lab I wanted to join. Throughout freshman year, my engagement with CURF and Research Peer Advisors provided me with a lot of clarity about research at Penn, including how to balance research with academics and student life, conduct interviews with PIs, and ultimately helped me narrow down my research interests. I am currently a research assistant in the ThaissLab studying the effects of the gut microbiome on nausea pathways and brown adipose tissue (fat) thermogenesis with therapeutic relevance for chemotherapy-induced nausea and obesity. I hope to use the experiences of myself and my peers to help future researchers pave their own path at Penn! Please feel free to reach out with any questions about research, summer opportunities, or the pre-med track at Penn! 

Research Positions & Awards:

  • Research Assistant, Dr. Christoph Thaiss, Department of Microbiology, Perelman School of Medicine (December 2020 - Present)
    • CURF Fall Research Expo (Fall 2021)
    • College Alumni Society Undergraduate Research Grant (Summer 2021)
    • CURF Grant for Faculty Mentoring Undergraduate Research (Summer 2021)
  • Rising Scientist Award, Child Mind Institute (December 2019)
  • Research Assistant, Dr. Daniel Mucida, Laboratory of Mucosal Immunology, The Rockefeller University (Summer 2019)
    • Summer Science Research Program (SSRP Summer 2019)
    • SSRP Poster Symposium (Summer 2019)
  • Research Assistant, Dr. Jyothi Nagajyothi Lab; Rutgers Public Health Research Institute (Summer 2018)

Extracurriculars: Science Olympiad at Penn, PennKDSAP, Educational Pipeline