Noah Beratan

Noah Beratan

When I arrived at Penn, I knew I wanted to do research, but was intimidated since I lacked any previous experience. As I began taking more classes at Penn, I realized that I was interested in the effects of disease and disease prevention as well as immunology. Due to the pandemic, I couldn’t start research during my freshman year, but I was fortunate enough to find a lab after moving back on campus my sophomore spring semester and was able to continue my research with my PURM award during summer 2021. Despite having very little in-person biology lab experience, I was able to gain basic laboratory skills and eventually begin conducting research. My work in the lab looks at the role of copper on cellular stress responses that contribute to many neurocognitive disorders, including HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders. I also do research on the effects of different HIV antiretroviral treatments on neurons and possible ways to limit neuronal damage due to these treatments. Please feel to reach out with any questions about research at Penn!

Research Positions and Awards:

  • Research Assistant in the Jordan-Sciutto Lab
  • PURM Award 2021

Affinity Groups: LGBT, Penn Band