Harish Bayana

Before coming to Penn, I had a bioinformatics research project that studied the genome of a species of duckweed called Landoltia punctata. I'm currently working in the Lengner Lab, where my project involves lineage tracing of cancer metastasis using a cumulatively edited target genomic barcode. On the side, I also develop cell lines from cancer patient samples.

I'm happy to help anyone with any questions they have about the entire process of getting involved in research. I personally struggled with figuring out what I was most interested in and with reaching out to professors to get involved in their projects, so I can definitely share some of my experiences with addressing these. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Research Positions/Programs:

  •  WISE, Rutgers University, Vershon Laboratory
  •  University of Pennsylvania, Lengner Laboratory

Affinity Groups: Vagelos Scholars Program in the Molecular Life Sciences, Penn Masti