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Endorsement Process for the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships

Applying for the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships - 2022

The Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships for graduate study in the United Kingdom (UK) require that candidates must be endorsed by the University of Pennsylvania in order to apply. The Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (CURF) manages this endorsement process on behalf of applicants and the University.

If you are considering applying to commence study in the UK in Fall 2023:

  • Check out these expanded step-by-step guides and timelines for potential applicants to the Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships (PDFs).
  • As soon as possible (ideally no later than January 31) potential applicants should:
    • Enroll in the CURF Fellowship Resources canvas site to learn more about preparing for these and other fellowships
    • Log in and submit CURF's Spring Fellowships Consultation Form
    • Applications will be considered during the remainder of the spring and most of the summer, but starting this process no later than January 31 is strongly encouraged because most successful applicants start early
    • March 31 - Penn's Priority Deadline to participate in a Fellowships Consultation and have first-choice of available Fellowship Advisors
    • After July 1 - Potential candidates must email Dr. Wallace Genser at CURF to be considered for endorsement
  • Your complete application and all recommendation letters will be due to CURF no later than 4:00pm on August 1, 2022
  • Interviews for Penn endorsement with the University of Pennsylvania’s Faculty Fellowships Review Committee occur during August with Penn faculty who have been awarded prestigious scholarships and are actively engaged in promoting the University’s academic mission
  • Applicants selected for nomination must then apply (and their recommenders must re-submit their recommendations) directly through the Rhodes, Marshall, and Mitchell websites by their national deadlines


Completed applications (including all essays, forms, letters of recommendation, and transcripts) are due to CURF NO LATER THAN 4:00PM AUGUST 1, 2022, for applicants wishing to begin their graduate study in the UK or Ireland in Fall 2023.

Nominated candidates are responsible for reviewing and understanding all requirements and regulations pertaining to the scholarship(s) for which they are applying, and for ensuring that all materials are submitted to CURF and to the various fellowships sites by their Fall 2022 deadlines.