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Major Fellowships

Most but not all major fellowships require endorsement by the University of Pennsylvania. Review the individual fellowship pages on this website as well as the websites maintained by each fellowship foundation to determine deadlines and materials needed to apply. Major fellowships typically require that applicants:

  • identify clear intellectual and professional goals
  • articulate their goals through personal statements and short essays
  • be able to provide strong recommendations from faculty and other mentors
  • demonstrate evidence of service to others
  • show promise of making a valuable contribution to society

Special Note to Rhodes, Marshall, and/or Mitchell Scholarship Applicants:

Applicants considering the Rhodes, Marshall, and/or Mitchell Scholarship must submit a Request for Endorsement form to CURF, listing the fellowships and degree programs to which they intend to apply. While this request is only a preliminary indication of your school and degree preferences, applicants are encouraged to submit this form to apply for university endorsement as soon as possible during the year they plan to apply for university endorsement (i.e., Candidates should start planning more than a year before they wish to begin their graduate program in the UK or Ireland). Rhodes, Marshall, and/or Mitchell Scholarship applicants may still submit this form if they are planning to begin graduate study in Fall 2022, but they should do so as soon as possible.