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Resources for Graduate Students

CURF assists graduate students seeking funding for language study, graduate coursework, or research through any fellowships in CURF’s Fellowships Directory. CURF can help you identify the appropriate fellowship for you and help you apply for it. CURF can help you at any stage of the application process — finding fellowships, crafting your application, draft review, and practice interviews where applicable.

CURF is Penn’s institutional hub for many prestigious fellowships (including the Fulbright Award, the Boren Fellowship, the Mitchell Scholarship, the Rhodes Scholarship, and the Gates Cambridge Scholarship) for which graduate students at any level (as well as undergraduates and alumni) may be eligible.

For a list of fellowships for which CURF regularly supports graduate student applications, see this customized view of CURF’s Fellowships Directory.

Additional resources for all graduate students:

  • Funding database for graduate students (courtesy of the University of Illinois)
  • SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) is a funding opportunity database that provides information on government and private funding sources in both the US and abroad. SPIN contains over 40,000 funding opportunities from more than 10,000 global sponsors.
  • Foundation Directory Online,, SPIN, and other useful resources can also be found through Penn's Libraries

Additional resources for graduate students in STEM fields: